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Party Down lyrics

Rating: 3.87
Song Details
Album(s)The Catch

I know the night is silent I¡¯ll be insane
Got to find a new place where I can hide from the rain
I¡¯ll wait for the weekend to get wasted and then
Gonna get on up so I can fall down again
Party down
This world is crazy, everybody party down
You bring the bottle baby I¡¯ll bring the glass
I¡¯ll be the animal,you can be the class
I know that memory that can shed us some light
This kind of magic keeps me flyin¡¯ all night
Party down

This world is crazy, let¡¯s all party down
I'm just tryin¡¯ to feel better
I just wanna feel better
Don¡¯t waste your life away
Eeverybody party down
Gonna shimmer my shoes on down to the red dog saloon
Just waitin¡¯ for the sunset to give way to the moon
Been sleepin¡¯ all day so I can party all night
Hallucinating at the northern lights
Party down
(McCafferty, Agnew, Charlton, Sweet)
1984 Fool Circle Music

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