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Album(s)For All Seasons

(James Brown sample) ";This is a Man's World!";
Verse 1:
Lies and rumors, money and hoes
it's the World that I'm attached to, the World that I know
influential, never stable in the mental
but clever, spittin' that same shit niggas is into
I'll bleed for the craft if I have to, think rational
lovin' money and weed, pussy and fast food
tatoo a dead Man's name on my arm
I'm a thug in the street thats still afraid of his Moms
everyday I watch a player get robbed, player get popped
I try to drink the pain away and pray that it stops
in the mornin' head straight to the spot, the juice bar
niggas tried all that other shit and whats the use God?
for the paper Nature takes it too far, perfectionist
rep the bridge, where everything's foul except the kids
we get it on, and contradict livin' long
though the clock will still tic when you gone.
(This is a Man's World!)
Now if you a Man be a Man (you need a plan)
if you fall (I'ma put you on your feet again)
when you starve (I'ma show you how to eat again)
and through it all (I'll show you how to be a friend)
now when you in charge be in charge (you need a squad)
if you bored (I'ma show you how to be involved)
I give 'em more (niggas know they can't see the God)
I can't believe it God (I gotta eat or starve)
Verse 2:
Keep the livest image, high percentage
Four in the mornin',
niggas blitzin' on corners like the line of scrimmage
convicts turnin' confident
enter the phase of niggas and they feminine ways
love my Timberlands, cinnamon suede
bottles mo' proof
for all the problems that a nigga go through
it's forever real
'cause some scars can never heal
I'd rather throw the cards in and pray I get a better deal
guns excite me, keep atleast a hundred Wifey's
my duns up in the pens ya'll need to write me
street cadets, alias names and re-arrests
it doesn't take much to know that wrieffer helps relieve the stress
we make moves or get caught for the loot
wild niggas on the block look for more to recruit
gettin' chips from an alternate route
but the same breed
It's been Twenty-somethin' years now,
I'm still lookin' for the same dream.
Verse 3:
In my World police recognize names
know us niggas by the walk or the size of their chain
you know the motto
we live for today, there's no tomorrow
we're only makin' time for the hoes that swallow
fuck a role model, I need therapy
seven nights out the week I jump out my sleep breathin' heavily
keep my head up, only the strong survive
livin' in a Man's World, still belongs to a tribe
took the family along for the ride
watch 'em eat
now I'm movin' with the same cats that'll rock me to sleep
never close your eyes, learn to roll with the wise
'cause some niggas 'll talk shit and play close to the sides
while I call the shots
and stay supportin' the block
we livin' above the law until all of it stops
I still open doors, a thug nigga overall
and if you ain't know then black Man go for yours.
Chorus 'till fade...

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