Don't Stop lyrics

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Album(s)For All Seasons

Don't Stop
Uh huh
Don't Stop, real hot, it's crazy hot in here
Don't Stop, word, yeah, uh huh, yo, ayo
Don't Stop, keep going
[Verse 1]
Ayo many people tell me my style is terrific
It is kinda different, but let's get specific
1998, I appear for the listeners
The hoes, same ones appearin at my shows
It's niggas in this game tryin na be like me
You could see em in the club playin V.I.P.
Aint nothin wrong, all o my dogs came to ball
And when we play the dance floor, y'all play the wall
Like graffiti, changin my style weekly
Niggas know, we recognize cats into dough
We A alike, B alike, gotta twist the 'dro
Shittin on my name might get a nigga smoked
Tension when he wit his wiz, hit him in the throat
Like blau, thugs aint 'posed to back down
Bitches only love them cats that act wild
What you grossin, eatin shit up, when you fuckin frozen
And eat you up like a fuckin vulture
Don't Stop, keep goin [7X]
[Verse 2]
Battle of the beat shit, I heat shit
It's real, five nights straight a steep hill
Call me Mr. Clutch, nigga my game's tight
Spittin out the hot shit, my slang's tight
In the back of the club, spottin hoes
Yeah we drunk, but that don't mean we can't fuck
It's beats like this that keep me amped up
Niggas on the block that need that anthem
Weed be Branson, cleans out the lungs
Niggas talk shit need to bring out they guns
Double barrel, imagine the thugs comin at you
Once you get hit, you can't run the slugs travel
Careful what you wish for, or live for
Goin up against yours, my shit's raw
I'm hopin that you zoom in, soon you'll get the picture
Now ask yourself who's the victor
Don't Stop, keep goin [7X]
[Verse 3]
Ayo imagine if I quit now, forfeit
Or pause, thugs won't love me no more
It's niggas like y'all that hope I fall off
Unbelievable how I show no flaws
Rated retarded, regardless I made it
Niggas favorite, admit it, my shit's crazy
Play it on the radio on different stations
It's something that you gotta have, like immunization
I came too far to stop in my tracks
Probably have a charge if it wasn't for rap
With my royalties, payin off lawyer's fees
My niggas be gorillas, fuck authority
25 to life I can't afford to see
We livin it, meanin my business be legitamate
Turn the beats down just to be considerate
I started something big, in time I finish it
Don't Stop, keep goin [7X]

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