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More Today Than Yesterday lyrics

Rating: 4.10
Song Details
Artist(s)Natalie Brown
Album(s)Let The Candle Burn

(N. Brown/J. Rwakaara)
Rap Written & Performed by: High Intent
I love it when you hold me
When your loving arms enfold me
I¡¯m so captured by your love
It¡¯s such a sweet gift from up above
I know that you¡¯re attracted
By the sweet scent of my perfume
I can feel your stare pierce through me
I can sense you all around the room
I love you more today than yesterday
Believe this vow of love I make
No one will ever come between us
My vow of love will never break
Yes my love, it¡¯s true I¡¯ll stay
When you say you¡¯ll be true to me
I¡¯ll be faithful too boy, you will see
You make me quiver wild with joy
¡®Cuz I know that I¡¯m your girl and you¡¯re my boy
You¡¯re my pride and joy of life
I wanna be your loving wife
Forevermore we¡¯ll be as one
And we will know that the work of love is done
You¡¯re the one I long for, baby
You¡¯re the one I need
So believe me when I tell you
I love you more today than yesterday

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