Monolith In Ruins lyrics

Rating: 3.19
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Album(s)Variation On Inductive Theories

I am a monolith
Sect of our heart
My belief in religion
Rise high in the sky
Own preacher
Hatetress desires
Ruin my throne of celtic empire
Of celtic empire
Stones black and grey
Sculpt dark universe
Empire of ethnocide
Empire of ethnocide
Heart as a monolith in ruins
Fly high & ride the northern winds
Turn ashes to immortality
Dark paradise in blue cyan sea
Be hater of mankind,
Yiel the lament
Be hater of mankind
Toward the monolith
Toward the monolith
Emotional climate
Cleverness of purple blaze
Conquest your fidelity
Monolith throne of stone
Fly under my drug, out of my body
Out of my body
Teleportate through the flames of the sea
Inspirated by the spreaded blood of world war III
Reverse the process of sweet mother nature
From me: "Monolith" comes my path

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