My Black Soul lyrics

Rating: 3.06
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Album(s)Variation On Inductive Theories

My soul
My soul is black like a bird
Lies, raven priceless
Ahead to mediatic crosses
Engulfed spirally's crown
Engulfed lustfull desire
Abyssic cliches
None habits gather my churches
I am not the trembler
Become my serpent, slaved to blissful promises
Just a point in this deep purple cover
Absorbed blood on my back shows:
Black at heart
Bindweed at heart
I'm black at heart
Numb opacity
Guises misled
Forsake me, humanity
...Crushed by... wither away
...Torn apart
Doors opened valley
Falls into devoid glams
Numb opacity
Guises misled
Of black I'm covered
Silently I scream loveless
Of black I'm covered
Silently I scream loveless
Plans passed as steamy vast pointless
Just one second
I wanna be
I wanna be a moment-body
Release me
A moment-body
I wanna be
Release me
Where seven impaled widows shine under my semen

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