Hater of Mankind lyrics

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Album(s)Hater Of Mankind

(Being in a world which doesn't accept us as human beings we are obliged to
riposte, making a plunge into misanthropy. Now and till the great change we
will be: hater of mankind.)
Rupture with a dominate world
Decision to forget their eminent spoken words
Starvation on the human race
Beyond soul sins phosphorated
Lived by hate end was near
We shan't accept this living in tear
Death isn't the only way
Consecrated God in heaven: "Let them disobey"
Hater of mankind
Faith in the human genocide
Misanthropic outrance
Alteration of human race
Gulped dow all those atrocities
Vivisection, gaz chambers, decadence and diseases
Repression of incultured minds
I'm searching an escape from the human kind
Follow my path, walk behind me
Conjonctural difformity
Obstructed conflict with colored skin
racism exposure induce on my medecine

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