Unsubdued Redemption lyrics

Rating: 3.13
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Album(s)Hater Of Mankind

(This is the mature thought made after the separation of the Misanthrope and
mankind. Restatement over a past and a future. Why did we lose the power of
hopeness living in harmony with the others? Were can we turn around
henceforth? Difficult choice: the end or the infinite? These are the only
alternative to the madness.)
Without a sentense I'm living you
My life and acts can't be possessed
Poor newborn child, do not believe in a past
My survival is over
Away from them, peace covers me
I'm going somewhere - "no one can follow me"
Only silence hears me, so I can say:
"I loved you"
Unsubdued redemption
Realm of retaliation
Unsubdued redemption
Shades of degeneration
Nowadays I control my way of life
Ancient alive dust which path following
Why shall I live on the earth
Unspoken call
Afraid in this empty human desert
My choice is done, I'm flying to thy
Upon my highness, I'm laughing impertinently
A smile on my lips
- Welcome to the paradise -
- Burst this church of lies -

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