Paradoxical Burial lyrics

Rating: 3.31
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Album(s)Hater Of Mankind

(The misanthropic vision of this social fact, which is a burial. Rites
practiced by each civilisation. Here, isn't a place for criticism but a
sincere remark.)
Your corpse will be purified
Infested of starving worms
Your flesh returns to the earth
Forever lie in your own secretions
Watch out from your cofin
Mankind spit your on your tomb
Rehearsing their sempiternal words
Ashes to ashes - Dust to dust
Where is the toll for your earth sins
Your prayers are shadows
Face the underworld
Inaugurated funeral
Socialy incompatible
With those ethnic rites
Paradoxical burial
Asleep in this new bedroom
For your neverending night
During your unknown visions
Contqct me from the other side
World of perfect harmony
Concrescence of human wish
God protection for ones
Atheism for others
Father let them rot
We are all the same

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