Billygoat lyrics

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Artist(s)Mind Funk

Bad days coming down. I'm barefoot to the ground.
Close my lid, it's over.
Lay awake, let him suffer.
Here I am, stick it in, see what's boiling under.
All the bugs on my ceiling dead and crushed just as I.
They know my name 'cause we feel the same.
They know my name 'cause we're all the same now.
I'm awake now, way down, and I'm not looking up anymore.
Cool breeze blowing loud. I think I'm losing ground.
Rednecks showing under.
Billygoat looking fucker, eating shit.
Worn and torn but I got more under.
You stare at me with your better. Numb and dumb, I got a gun.
And I know your name, soon we'll look be the same.
I know your name, soon we'll look the same.
I'm awake now, way down, and it don't hurt that much anymore.
Billygoat looking fucker, shooting shit,
Chewing holes in the sun of summer.
Fall the bugs from the ceiling.
Numb and dumb acid run.
Fly without a name, nothing looks the same now.
They knew my name, but it's not the same now.
I'm awake now way down,
And I'm not doing proud anymore.

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