Providence lyrics

Rating: 3.13
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Artist(s)Marc Cohn
Album(s)Burning the Daze

I talk to you in turbulence
That's when I see the light
But she has visions on the hillside
Then she speaks in tongues all night
You've got such a faithful little servant
Why don't you pay her no mind?
She prays for Providence
She needs a little more of your attention
She waits for Providence
Just a little intervention
She was driving out on Highway 1
She felt the presence of something strange
She could not tell if it was alien
She only knew her life would change
If you were sending down a message
Why do you hang her on a line?
She prays for Providence
I don't know why you cannot hear her
She waits for Providence
Are you just waiting to be near her
Are you thinking something
And not letting on?
Will she understand what you planned
Before she's gone?

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