The Spirit lyrics

Rating: 3.30
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Album(s)Chase The Dragon

Don't place your trust in foolish promises sworn
Nor cryptic message scrawled upon every wall
Street corner justice beware
The spirit will find you always be fair
The shallow verse once read means nothing at all
Nor fearful gestures made for instant recall
In lies your heart will not share
The spirit inside used without care
The spirit that guides you follow it through
To the spirit inside you always be true
You know you'll despair
If the spirit inside is used without care
The battlefield of glory pales into rust
The river flows much thicker fed by each thrust
No beast alive does compare
The spirit beside you everywhere
Let not your head be turned by tainted reward
And dreams of fortune won forever to hoard
Your conscience could not repair
The spirit inside used without care
'Cause it will be your shelter, help you how to decide
And it will be your helper should your loyalties divide
The ash of pages swept before the cruel wind
The loss of choices praises no-one will sing
No clues to how you will fare
The spirit implores you tread where you dare
The dust lies thick on casket rich or quite poor
Distinction disappears the worm both deplore
The candle burns out once more
But the spirit inside you won't be ignored

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