My Hero lyrics

Rating: 3.59
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Artist(s)Level 42
Album(s)True Colours

my hero ...
on Baker Street
the limousine stood blacker than the darkest thing
in the rain
deep in the back
his life was ending
still they would not let him be
where is he?
his music ran through the streets of the city
straight to the heart with each song
the path he chose was a road to freedom
and I kept following on
my hero ...
I heard the news
all my emotions shattered into empty blue
where are you
the radio like distant thunder raging black rock symphonies
storm heart tears
his music runs through the heart of the city
his sound is heard in each song
you never found where his road was leading
the hope you gave lingers on
my hero ...
the brightest stars explode into a thousand moons
his music runs through the heart of the city
the sound he made is too strong
his name remains part of my emotions
the memories linger on
my hero ...

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