Trauma lyrics

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Album(s)Past Life Trauma

Passing of perception unforseen reaction
Staring out the window into the ice cold air
Memories of summer causing my depression
Through concentrated death and rainfall of despair
Visionary eden turns to hell
Winter martyrium
Freezing me from inside
Pastlife delirium
As my tears turn to ice
Snow the white empress, frost the ice cold forest
At mountains of dead bodies I drank the sweetest wine
Spring awaits lust for the autumn dominatress
Life remains a dream within a dream visionary symbols
ancient shine
Summer's gotta come bringing back the sun
Zero to none, winter awaits us all
Mystic awareness
With God conversing wide awake in your sleep
Shining discovery mankind martyrium
Planets of terror, hatred and deceit
To live it means to suffer to die to live forever
I'm left here with the others we could not die together
And as I saw them dying I knew it had begun
Emotional massacre
A visionary kingdom come

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