When The Sun Burns Red lyrics

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Album(s)Past Life Trauma

Frank came up with the acoustic intro which I think is one of the best pieces of music he has ever written. I like the way the song is structured since it contains everything Kreator stands for - speed, melody, aggression and attitude.
Savage heat is searing
Global warning has begun
Mother earth is reeling
No protection from the sun
Forest fires are raging
While the rivers turn to ice
Foolish man creating
Mother Nature's cruel demise
Hailstorms, tornados
Cold spells, untimely frosts
Heat waves and blizzards
Global death's the cost
Faces the end of time
As we plunge headlong towards the day
Can't deny the signs
When the sun burns red
The earth will turn
From blue to grey
Winter turns to summer
Then the seasons disappear
No one needs a prophet
To explain what's all too clear
Oceans overflowing
Islands drowning everywhere
Leaders wouldn't admit it
Now they're crying in despair
Face the end of time...
Now rain shall wash away sad remains of man
Cities once so proud will crumble into sand
Buildings all collapse when all is done and said
The guilty ones will die with the innocent...
When the sun burns red

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