Catholic Despot lyrics

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Album(s)Cause For Conflict

Catholic's dictator
Swine without compasion
No respect for others life
Godsent corrupt saint
Rampant, organized crime of the cross
Rituals justified ways to express
The oldest life in support of the
Heartless motherfucker
Sympathy there's none
You immoralize prevention
Abortion is not a sin
Heaven none of you'll ever be saved
Awareness drown in devotion
Follow the rules
Dig your own grave
Murderer under the cross
Profits ways don't leave no
Open your eyes the messiah
Will never come (your fuckin' messiah)
You're willing the poor
There is no justice
There is no law
There's no messiah
There is no saviour, there is no god
The truth you teach it ain't
No truth to me
The things you see are not

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