Betrayer lyrics

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Album(s)Extreme Agressions

This is a song in which
I use to describe what I feel
About people like you
No sense for humanity,
No idea about life
This premise has been proved
You used my trust to
Satisfy your brainless lust
Your word isn't worth
Than puke in a dust
Misleader,you twisted things
To satisfy
Deceiver, this greedy lust
You can't deny
How could I be so nave
To believe all the lies
You so easily told
I think I've learned my lesson
Too late
The story took time to unfold
Now I see your true face
Behind your mask,a cheat,a fake
Your word isn't worth than
Puke in a dust
Ignorant twisted mind,maybe it
Would help
To think before you speak
From time to time
Pretend to be a friend of mine
But you would see
Your mother if you could
For less than a dime
Intelligence lost,brain deseased,
So you will loose,
Fall to your kness
Guys like you I cannot stand
Maybe I must speak
Another language
Before you understand

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