Riot Of Violence lyrics

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Album(s)Pleasure To Kill

Greedy for blood paralysed by power
Decision to die tales of terror
Deep in the corner
Passion to kill
Corpse on the ground mind starts to chill
A man lies in the corner covered with blood
Bloody wounds on his body praying for his god
People pass him by but they say why should we
Care about him he will die today
Riot of violence
Find your own way you must go alone
Kill all next to you they want the throne
The infectious disease is the only life
You're scared to death die by the knife
Brutality and mighty wars warriors start to fight
With bombs and guns the troops have come to extinguish the
I'd rather not go wild tonight but i must save myself
On a field littered with corpses was a lonely flower
It reminds the world how it was
But we kicked it away with power

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