Death Is Your Saviour lyrics

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Album(s)Pleasure To Kill

In a dark and brutal land
Not far from here lived a mighty wargod
The slaves were all afraid
No one stood against him no one tried
He lived by the sword until he died
Mighty wargod fight 'till death
Hunt the people let no one rest show your planet
Who is the lord take the weapons made to strike
Fight under an immortal command spread fear across the
Always trusting holy rule
Death is your saviour
Spread the fear across the sea kill yourself to be free
The only commander of the world
Death is your saviour
In the night a constant fight
Death is in the air
Banshees crying through the sky
You don't know where
Look up high the corpses will live
Through all the genocide
Soldiers march on unholy ground
In front the death is riding
Death is your saviour
You're gonna die
Burn in the fire scream across the sky
Death is your saviour you're gonna die
All the survivors can hear you cry

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