Ripping Corpse lyrics

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Album(s)Pleasure To Kill

He came from the east with weapons full of blood from
newborn children
Now he's here in your town to kill you die at once
Until today you've lived your live without any sorrow
At home you've got your child and wife
But what will come tomorrow
Await the death by the blade
Run before it's too late
Await the axe in your back
As the ripping corpse attack
You begin to sweat you begin to cry
As you watch this scene
At first you see your children die
You wish it was a dream
He eats the heart of your wife
And rips her cunt inside
You know now it's your turn
The others have already died
Now he's close to you
His eyes are cold and cruel
Fear is in your heart
His might will rip you apart
Eternal horror, eternal horror
Eternal wickedness, eternal death
Life taking bloodrain neverending deathpain
No one will care when you die

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