Where My Thugz At lyrics

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Artist(s)Krayzie Bone
Album(s)Thug Mentality 1999

Krayzie Bone:Thug Mentality 1999
Buck, Buck! Fuck! Where my thugs at? Where my thugs at! Where the fuck my thugs
at?{shots throughout}
Are you ready for war? Gotta be ready for war! Are you ready for war? Gotta be
ready for war
Foward, march! Pull out your weapon; aim directly for the heart/ Buck the brain
and make sure everything stop
And listen to the shells drop{sounds} As we steady poppin' round after round
off, trumpets fade around us/ Bailin'
throu the muthafuckin' mud and rain/ Niggas' on a mission/ Shirt full of blood
stains, but I'm still livin', cuz I got the will and the skills to
make it out the killin' fields alive and killin' still/ This the type of shit I
make you want/ Got our suits on, knowin' and willin' to
die with our boots on/ Dressed in fatigues/ This is real, we ain't no actors/ We
don't wear this shit for no fashion
You'll see how real it is when we start blastin'/ Fake niggas always shoot real
blanks; we in the steel tanks/ If this was real
they'd probably crumble/ How you come to rumble when you scared of what's in the
jungle, nigga? Why you tell them people
you was killas? I put this on my dead thugs/ When they jump we gon' tear it up/
Torpedo one, bomb torpedo two to see the
destruction/ Military-minded/ So we will win/ Strategize, that's all I am
fuckin' about is strategies/ It's all about reality
And nigga, that's me{shots throughout}
Before we fight, I use my mind to pin the (pin the...)situation/ Makin' sure the
enemies weak before we invade 'em
Then we break 'em (He broke, broke, broke...) Organization is a factor, comin'
from ";The Warrior"; slash ";The Mad Rapper";
Makin' pushes, jump out the bushes, troopers attack/ And the heads of these
adversaries/ Bring 'em back to me
If you scared, you the first nigga dead, and the field is gettin' deeper/ Drama
gettin' thicker, so I pull my pistol quicker
Kill 'em all if they're not on your team/ But watch out for the spies tryin' to
infiltrate the scene/ Know what I mean?
We headed for the justice center; free all the convicts, and let the killas ride
with us/ Yeah, let's fuck some shit up and let's get
rid of the law, of course; Voluntarily or by force/ This shit just goes on and
on/ It don't stop until they
body rott, and they casket drop/ In the W-A-R/ We are the mighty, the mighty,
the mighty-mighty warriors ready(warrior...)
If they spittin', we gon' send 'em bitches slugs back/ It's like that, buck,
buck, buck, buck
Thugs, everywhere you go you see 'em/ Niggas wanna be 'em/ Meet the real
thuggish ruggish niggas out of Cleveland
The wasteland warriors, wild/ Execution style/ Find your body smellin' foul/ I
stay thugged out and enhance my thug mentality
Got to keep my mental sharper than a pencil/ Got bullets in the clip thou, and
you endangered if you anger me, nigga
You'll meet the one that's in the chamber/ Paranoia, don't get too close/ I'll
blow your fuckin' head right off your shoulders
Cuz everything to me is war/ I'm livin' in horror/ I'll die before I'm captured
(Fuck that) Fuckin' with these muthafuckers down
to the last clip/ Remember the casualties/ Dearly departed/ Keep poppin' at
these coppers, and we'll drop 'em in your honor
You can rest in peace, your killa's deceased/ Where my thugs at? Buck, buck!
Get 'em up so I can see 'em, yeah {shots}
We are ready for war...

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