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Extravagant Traveler lyrics

Rating: 3.87
Song Details
Artist(s)Kool Keith

Kool Keith
Checkin out of the Venetian Hotel
That's right, flight to Africa
Chorus: Kool Keith
Extravagant traveler, Puerto Rico out to Africa (4X)
[Kool Keith]
MC's is wack, I'm lookin at the Robb Report
Eighty-thousand-sixty-two Bentley
Owner of the Houston Astrodome, Don King represent me
(?) bus with gold trim and you can't act up frontin on your lemon
Legend status with keys to the MGM Grand
Got your wife and kids holdin my poster, grabbin my hand
All I hear is a bunch of wack primetime MC's sayin
I hate him cause he's great
He's on all the billboard and the highway
Face is on soup cans and milk crates
Resteraunts with movie theaters in 'em
Continental airlanes, planes we buyin off the lot
while y'all rent 'em
Excursion flights with Bill Clinton
Takin fine girls out to Washington to get they extensions
Usin my TV phone I see girls in they thongs
fantasizin while they home alone
Pack my bags - I need room service
[Kool Keith]
Cause my face is in the newspaper every week
Pronounce words right - ask Jesse Jackson how I speak
Sign my autographs for Jagged Edge and Sisqo on 125th Street
Red carpet on the sidewalk
I gotta step on it before I talk
Part investor of the Utah Jazz, I'm the real king of New York
London cashmere, walkin around with Guiliani regular football shirt
Tailors grab my Armani, maids cook dinner
Sauteed fish and shrimp
Dallas Mavericks want me as a baldheaded five-eight guard
with a ninety-five inch vertical, Vince Carter respect my legs
Ask Shawn Kemp; Wes Unseld and the NBA commissioner
takin pictures of me in front of Nell's
Special election day got chocolate girls with flowers dresses on
You would swear they Naomi Campbell and Nia Long from section 8
Yes, I guess
[Kool Keith]
Bustin no freestyles, lookin at you in the back of the car
Rappin for twenty miles
I'm sittin in the back of the limo with the fly brim-o
Me in a black Cadillac, Elliot Ness
Sendin rappers with doo-rags an S.O.S.
You wanna rap big man? Take Mickey Mouse off your chest
I let you wear your vest; plaid shirts or stripes
is that the way your stylist make you dress?
She should be sued for that
Contract renewed for that
And on stage, you should be booed for that
I'ma tap you in the back and let everybody know they wack
Yo SkyCab hand me my platinum suitcases

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