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The Girls Don't Like the Job lyrics

Rating: 3.87
Song Details
Artist(s)Kool Keith
Album(s)Black Elvis\Lost in Space

{Kool Keith on the phone}
Hello -- did Cathy come in today, or what?
I'm startin to not, to like, what's she's doin at me
She's not on time, you know her hair ain't combed
She's not dressed properly
She's always wearin jeans, and this is a company
where you wear dresses, and you look neat and come in
with your briefcase
And we're taking cutbacks.. somebody gotta get dropped
[Kool Keith]
Capital investments by sequence automatic mechanical problem secure
Space investor, Wall Street Journal analysist
The rates of companies by speed Paine-Webber
Merryl Lynch, no other than Solomon Brothers
Banking system with my computer wisdom
Immaculate suit, pinstriped, with my shirt and tie
Girls know I'm fly -- on the A-X-1 new floppy disk
";Hello? There's somebody out there to see you";
No, tell her to call me back
I'm busy with the President of the United States
Discussing more rates on a higher level
Don't give me feedback, I don't need that
Two trips to Costa Rica, I'll be a week back
Before you sign a new act, find out if they wack
Your budget will be low, and you'll be fired, highly retired
I'm the new boss of this company girl
(I want you to fax yourself to China OK? Do this now)
Chorus: Kool Keith *singing* (repeat 2X)
The girls don't like the job
Secretaries don't like my ways
I hire and fire, give you checks on the spot
I hire and fire, give you checks when it's hot
[Kool Keith]
Down at 55 Water Street
Top official always seein Chemical Bank, Wells Fargo
Bank of America with my fine secretary Erykah
Me and Al Sharpton was talkin about real estate in Compton
With a loan from General Mills
I would start a new NBA team Baldwin Hills
The Baldwin Hills Spacemen
Lime green uniforms with a orange basketball logo
? the group solo, that's right, dolo
with the comissioner of the basketball
Passin y'all in my ASR Rolls Royce
Y'all can't stop my voice and opinion, here's a card and my phone extension
Not to mention I ripped up four tickets to the Grammy awards
I had pasta with my new team and my roster
Agents beware, I'm talkin to Shaq behind the Lakers back
Michael Jordan I'm important, keep tapes recordin
Buyin baseball stadiums, talkin to Joe Morgan
Cincinatti Reds, I'm over your heads
Call my limo Nancy, make it fancy, I'm in a rush
No time for coffee, ice cream from Mr. Softie
[baseball stadium organ playing]
Tom Hanks calls the base of Keith in the UK
We sold a lot of Mercedes Benz's
and BMW's to the small starving communities
Even as an import, it's just a regular cab in foreign countries
Materialistic for just the ignorant ones only the United States
I'm goin to lunch, I'll be right back
{The girls don't like the job!}
Cutback on time
Employees research files, tryin to find my styles
Sippin on a glass of Sprite
Toni Braxton wanna sing Pride with me tonight
I gotta work late, the office, the kids, the dog
Puppies, groceries, hopin these things get done by the end of the week
I been through the week, did you book my airline flight assistant Terry?
You'll get no record deal actin like Neneh Cherry, back to work don't flirt
Give me them passes to the James Brown concert
Front row seats at least, PLEASE don't bother me I need peace
Terry you been late a lot
I hate a lot of those same black pants you wearin dancin
Take two days off, I'm goin to the playoffs
Chorus 1.5X

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