The Einstein Crew lyrics

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Album(s)Same Old Tunes

Do you know about the Einstein crew
Do you know what they do
They're always drinking never thinking just
looking for someone they can take and beat
down they say they hate that guy but when i
ask howcome they don't know why they're so
damn full of hate but do you think they're smart
enough to hate themselves too
So now you got your crew behind
and behind you even left your mind
come on and step to me.
Kick me and I'll kiss your back, after three six packs,
hope it feels all right, before I get the
chance to ask you why you're so messed up
do you know about the Einstein crew
I hope you do because they hate you too next
they'll be kicking you just because you're
smarter then their whole crew
some of them were
bugging me when I asked
them about the history do
you really believe these
guys they're stereotypes
so stereotype
but who am I to say who
am I to judge who would
ever listen to a guy called
The Einstein crew I could
be your role model, one or
two got their own pro
model, we feel sorry for
you, you're one big
problem and some day
you'll be sorry too.

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