Fazil's Friend lyrics

Rating: 3.26
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Album(s)Same Old Tunes

One day slackin' with no one doing
nothing the best way that I can
searching thru records looking for
that hero song I take my slippers and put
them on
in my bed I spend most of my time way
to tired to write down a clean rhyme I
say that bedskating is cooler when the
trucks are on please tell me am I right or
Fazil's friend is here to let you know
what it's like when you wanna be the
o.s. slackin' on the phone or slackin' all
alone I'll be nr one when I turn o.s.
hila zako hasara kwangu don't know
what it means but it's your job to find out
call me up when you've got something
bad to say and I will listen in my own
try to be someone the best way that I
can bothering no one only what's inside

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