Monkey Boogie lyrics

Rating: 3.05
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Album(s)For Monkeys

A snake, a fake, he's lame, he's in the game
for the money and for the fame
a spin, a grin, he's on and then we yawn
steals the credit then he's gone
he's the man with a plan and first he'll seem helpfull
to make sure that you're on the hook
he's so full of bull and he sure will pull
some strings to make things go his way
everything will go his way.

We're in the monkey biz
the monkey boogie is nothing new
and he'll be doin' the dance with you.

Humble, mumble, stumble don't think so
that is not the way to go
connect, collect, correct, what did you expect
Did you think that he seriously cares for you
Do the monkey boogie, orangu-tango, baboon!

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