Softworld lyrics

Rating: 3.55
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Album(s)Life On A Plate

One step forward two steps back
we're the masters of disaster,
pillowpride and shumway lies isn't what you expected
a solid demon crawls in you, at least that's what they're
saying, but we don't care, we're just launging now and
got to keep our pinegalic post.

In a softworld, from AMF to earl grey
in a softworld, it's softcore, but don't ask me now what
it's all about.

Next stop is looking good
cause you don't know what it offers
the treasurehunt was ment to be something ultra clean
munkers say it's not OK
cause you're lost in what you're doing
but this is it when softcore's lit
and we won't change a shit.

Take time to wonder if it's really worth it
so many broken kinder eggs
so many stolen lipton bags
do we really give something back.

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