Broken By You lyrics

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Artist(s)Jordan Knight
Album(s)  -

[Verse 1]
First lonely night
What will I do
I feel my heart breaking in two
I'm such a fool
When will I learn
I fell so deep
Then I got burned

If you gave just one reason why
My heart just might let go
Maybe one day I will fall in love again
But for now I'll just leave my heart in two

If I never fall in love again
If I never touch your skin again
If I never feel again this way
If I never see another day
Remember me
Remember this
'Cause one thing that will never change
Is the feeling in my heart
So broken by you

[Verse 2]
Love still remains
After you're gone
Girl please explain where did I go wrong

[Change (Repeat)]

[Chorus (Repeat)]

[Change (Repeat)]


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