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List albums for letter Y

Y A D La Joie (Charles Trenet)15
y Aahora que? (ReiNCiDeNTeS)15
Y Can't Tori Read (Tori Amos)106
y punto (Bersuit Vergarabat)15
Y que me pasa (Mickey Taveras)16
Y Se Parece A Ti (Valentin Elizalde)35
Y sigue la gozadera (Banda XXI)15
Y Tu Mama Tambien Soundtrack (Y Tu Mama Tambien Soundtrack)76
Y2K (Screwball)126
Ya lo vez (UFF)116
Ya Nunca Mas (Luis Miguel)55
Yaƫl Naim (Yael Naim)65
Yahir (Yahir Othon Parra)66
Yahir con distintos duetos (Yahir Othon Parra)35
Yahmekya (Ziggy Marley)165
Yahwe Goes Broadway (Yahwe Mutabo)15
Yakusoku Wa Iranai ( single ) (Maaya Sakamoto)15
Yank Crime (Drive Like Jehu)75
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (Wilco)115
Yeah (Xysma)56
Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! Death Metal Symphony In Deep (Waltari)106
Year Of The Dog Again (DMX)135
Year Of The Dragon (Modern Talking)185
Year Of The Dru (Dru Hill)75
Year Of The Rabbit (Year Of The Rabbit)95
Year of the Rat (NY Loose)126
Year Of The Spider (Cold)125
Year Zero (Nine Inch Nails)145
Yeeeah Baby (Big Punisher)146
Yeeeah Baby (Big Pun)105

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