List albums for letter T

The Fire Inside (Bob Seger)124
The First Chapter (Mission U.K)84
The First Day (David Sylvian)64
The First Recording (Heather Nova)44
The First Ten Years (Shawn Mullins)124
The Fix (Scarface)134
The Flame In All Of Us (Thousand Foot Krutch)134
The Fool Circle (Nazareth)104
The Force (Onslaught)74
The Force Behind The Power (Diana Ross)134
The Forest is My Throne (Satyricon)34
The Forgotten Arts (Lux Occulta)34
The Forgotten Tales (Blind Guardian)124
The Foundation (Zac Brown Band)124
The Four Horsemen (Ultramagnetic MC's)134
The Fourth Dimension (Hypocrisy)94
The Fourth Legacy (Kamelot)94
The Fox (Elton John)94
The Fox and the Hound Soundtrack (The Fox and the Hound Soundtrack)14
The Fragile (Nine Inch Nails)174
The Fragile Art of Existence (Control Denied)74
The Frailty Of Words (Hopesfall)84
The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan)124
The Frenz Experiment (The Fall)134
The Friends of Rachel Worth (The Go-Betweens)104
The Frozen Man (James Taylor) (Shawn Mullins)124
The Fruit That Ate Itself [EP] (Modest Mouse)64
The Fugitive (Tony Banks)94
The Full Monty (The Full Monty soundtrack)74
The Fullmoon Over The Kliwon (Purnamwulan)34

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