List albums for letter T

The Legacy (Testament)91
The Legend Begins (Beholder)101
The Legend Of Dragoon (Elsa Raven)11
The Legendary C.W. McCall (C.W. McCall)103
The Leprechaun (Lil' Flip)191
The Libertines (THE LIBERTINES)151
The Life (Ginuwine)201
The Life (Card Michael)173
The Life of the Party (Neal McCoy)111
The Life Pursuit (Belle & Sebastian)13
The Life Soundtrack (The Life Soundtrack)131
The Light in Guinevere's Garden (East West)113
The Light User Syndrome (The Fall)152
The Limited Series (Garth Brooks)203
The Linear Scaffold (Solefald)81
The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride Soundtrack (The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride Soundtrack)72
The Lion King Soundtrack (The Lion King Soundtrack)62
The Lion King: Musical Soundtrack (The Lion King: Musical Soundtrack)171
The Lion King: Return To Pride Rock Soundtrack (The Lion King: Return To Pride Rock Soundtrack)122
The Lion King: Rhythm Of The Pride Lands Soundtrac (The Lion King: Rhythm Of The Pride Lands Soundtrac)111
The Little Mermaid (The Little Mermaid soundtrack)73
The Little Mermaid soundtrack (Various Artists)12
The Little Mermaid Soundtrack ( A Pequena Sereia ) (Jodi Benson)12
The Live (Tracy Lawrence)101
The Living Room (Trina Hamlin)91
The Living Sea (Sting)103
The Living Years (Mike & The Mechanics)102
The Lonely Cnorve Machine (Gary)52
The Lonely Position of Neutral (Trust Company)10
The Lonesome Crowded West (Modest Mouse)14

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