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List albums for letter R

Roxy Music (Roxy Music)104
Royal Highness (Kottonmouth Kings)205
Rpm Ao Vivo (RPM)14
Rua Dos Perdedores, Esquina Dos Corações Quebrados (Hill Valleys)33
Rubber Duck (C.W. McCall)96
Rubber Soul (The Beatles)144
Rubber Soul-British (Beatles)144
Rubbing Doesn't Help (Magnapop)124
Rubbish Planet (Fear Of God)154
rubia de la cuarta fila (Joaquín Sabina)14
Ruby Vroom (Soul Coughing)144
Rude Awakening (Prong)134
Rudebox (Robbie Williams)144
Ruff Rhymes: Greatest Hits Collection (King Tee)145
Ruff Ryder's First Lady (Eve)144
Rufio [EP] (Rufio)15
Rufus (Chaka Khan)105
Rufus Does Judy At Carnegie Hall (Rufus Wainwright)244
Rufus featuring Chaka Khan (Chaka Khan)105
Rufus Wainwright (Rufus Wainwright)134
Rufusized (Chaka Khan)85
Rugrats In Paris-The Movie (Rugrats In Paris-The Movie soundtrack)34
Ruído Rosa (Pato Fu)74
Rule 3:36 (Ja Rule)126
Ruler's Back (Slick Rick)13
RULETA RUSA (Joaquín Sabina)24
Rum Sodomy & the Lash (Pogues)115
Rumi - Love at its Zenith (Anandmurti Gurumaa)24
Rumor Has It (Clay Walker)104
Rumor Has It (Reba Mcentire)105

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