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List albums for letter R

Ripe (Banderas)13
Riqueza Do Brasil (Quinteto Em Branco E Preto)25
Rise (Gabrielle)105
Rise (Presence)83
Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie)24
Rise and Shine (The Bears)144
Risen (O.A.R. (Of A Revolution))166
Rising (Rainbow)53
Rising (Dr. Hook the Medicine Show)83
Rising Down (The Roots)153
Rising Force (Yngwie Malmsteen)85
Rising Moang√° (Glory Opera)23
Risk (Megadeth)121
Riskin' It All (D.A.D.)95
Rita Lee (1979) (Rita Lee)23
Rita Lee Em Bossa And Roll Ao Vivo (Rita Lee)13
Rites Of Passage (Indigo Girls)71
Rites Of Passage (Law And Order)123
Rites Of The Blask Mass (Acheron)204
Ritimo Payasónico (payasonicos)13
Ritmo Da Vida (Nayah)81
ritmo payasonico (payasonicos)63
Ritual (Master's Hammer)61
Ritual (Shaman)183
Ritual (Touch Gallery)11
Ritual De Lo Habitual (Jane's Addiction)53
Ritually Abused (Num Skull)83
Rival Factions (Project 86)103
River of Dreams (Billy Joel)83
River of Souls (Dan Fogelberg)104

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