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List albums for letter R

Right Where You Want Me (Jesse McCartney)123
Righteous Love (Joan Osborne)103
Rightside Up (Exilia)54
Rigor Mortis (Rigor Mortis)63
Rigor Mortis vs The Earth (Rigor Mortis)101
Rilke Projekt (Rilke Projekt)163
Rilke Projekt I I (Rilke Projekt)133
Rilke Projekt I I I (Rilke Projekt)163
Rilke Projekt Ii (Rilke Projekt)33
Rimar Contra A Maré (Boss Ac)13
Rindanse terricolas (chancho en piedra)133
Ring (The Conells)123
Ring (Connells)123
Ring My Bell (Anita Ward)14
Ring Ring (ABBA)135
Ring-A-Ding Ding (Frank Sinatra)124
Ringo Rama (Ringo Starr)13
Rio (Duran Duran)124
Rio (Rio Reiser)124
Rio Bravo Soundtrack (Dean Martin)14
Rio Grande Brasileiro (Os 4 Gaudérios)151
Rio Grande Mud (ZZ Top)84
Rio I. (Rio Reiser)84
Rio Negro & Solimões (1998) (Rio Negro & Solimões)144
Rio Reisers Familienalbum (Fettes Brot)14
Rio-Abaixo (Rolando Boldrin)13
Riot Act (Pearl Jam)173
Riot! (Paramore)43
Rip It Off (Stroke 9)111
Ripe (Ben Lee)94

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