List albums for letter R

Retribution (Malevolent Creation)95
Retro Active (Def Leppard)155
Retrospective (Indigo Girls)156
Retrospective (Jackson Browne)126
Retrospective 1974-80 (Rush)156
Retrospective II 1981-87 (Rush)106
Return From Tomorrow (Ill-Disposed)45
Return of Crystal Karma (Glenn Hughes)115
Return Of Dragon (Sisqo)116
Return Of Hip Hop (Dj Tomekk)15
Return Of Saturn (No Doubt)166
Return of Saturn (Gwen Stefani)116
Return of the Boom Bap (KRS-One)136
Return of The Funky Man (Lord Finesse)155
Return Of The Regulator (Warren G)126
Return Of The Space Cowboy (Jamiroquai)106
Return of the Vampire (Mercyful Fate)95
Return To Ancient (Apraxia)45
Return to Cold Mountain Soundtrack (Return to Cold Mountain Soundtrack)16
Return To Cookie Mountain (TV on the Radio)116
Return to Earth (The Samples)15
Return To Heaven Denied (Labyrinth)105
Return to Me Soundtrack Lyrics (Return to Me Soundtrack Lyrics soundtrack)56
Return To Never Land Soundtrack (Return To Never Land Soundtrack)66
Return To Pooh Corner (Kenny Loggins)105
Return To The 36 Chambers (Ol' Dirty Bastard)25
Return to the Valley of the Go-Go's (The Go-go's)255
Reunion (Peter, Paul & Mary)95
Reunion (Jerry Jeff Walker)65
Rev It Up (Vixen)16

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