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List albums for letter P

Pilgrimage (Wishbone Ash)35
Pille Palle (Ganz Schön Feist)135
Pillow Lips (Modern English)105
Pillowhead (Dynamite Hack)85
Pills 'n' Thrills & Bellyaches (Happy Mondays)104
Pimenta Brasileira (Pimenta Brasileira)14
PIMPINELA (Pimpinela)106
Pimpinela Gold (Pimpinela)15
Pimping On Wax (JT MONEY)104
Pink Bubbles Go Ape (Helloween)45
Pink Cadillac (John Prine)115
Pink Moon (Nick Drake)115
Pinkerton (Weezer)104
Pinocchio Soundtrack (Pinocchio Soundtrack)44
Pins And Needles (Barbra Streisand)94
Pins and Needles Soundtrack (Pins and Needles Soundtrack)94
Pintando o 7 (Luiz Melodia)25
Pinups (David Bowie)125
Piont blank (Nailbomb)106
Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (Pink Floyd)115
Pipes Flowers (Elisa)114
Pipes of Peace (Paul McCartney)124
Pippin Soundtrack (Pippin Soundtrack)185
Pique Novo Ao Vivo 10 Anos (Pique Novo)35
Pira (Pixote)35
Pirão De Peixe Com Pimenta (Sá & Guarabyra)25
Pirata Pra Quê?! (Mr. Gyn)64
Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack (Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack)14
Piron (Piron)15
Pisces Iscariot (Smashing Pumpkins)165

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