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List albums for letter M

Mainstream (Lloyd Cole)10
Mainstream (Cole Lloyd)10
Maior Abandonado (Barão Vermelho)1
Mais Coisas do Brasil (Leila Pinheiro)2
Mais Podre Do Que Nunca (Garotos Podres)2
Mais Um Dia (Sociedade Urbana)7
Mais Uma Vez (Cecéu Muniz)1
Majestic 2 (Ivy Queen)1
Majesty (Majesty)1
Majesty Demo (Dream Theater)6
Major Label Debut (Screeching Weasel)5
Major Tom (Coming Home) ( single ) (Peter Schilling)1
Makaveli - The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory (2Pac)23
Make It Big (Wham!)7
Make It Easy On Yourself (Burt Bacharach)7
Make It Good (A1)16
Make It Reign (Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz)13
Make My Suffer Short (Itself)8
Make Them Die Slowly (White Zombie)7
Make up the breakdown (Hot Hot Heat)8
Make Your Mama Proud (Fastball)13
Make Yourself (Incubus)12
Make Yourself At Home [EP] (Starting Line)6
Makin Love Is Good For You (B.B. King)12
Makin' Love Music (Dr. Hook the Medicine Show)9
Makin' Trouble (Geto Boys)3
Making a Good Thing Better (Olivia Newton-John)11
Making A Name For Myself (Roger Miller)10
Making Contact (UFO)10
Making enemies is good (Backyard Babies)13

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