List albums for letter H

Hate, Anger & Fury (Ablaze My Sorrow)116
Hate. Malice. Revenge. (All Shall Perish)86
Hatebreeder (Children Of Bodom)86
Hated In The Nation (G G Allin)16
Hatefuck (Dying Breed)36
Hater Of Mankind (Misanthrope)55
Hatful of Hollow (The Smiths)26
Hating Life (Grave)106
Hatred And Disgust (Sorrow)66
Hatut Ja Myssyt (Punk Lurex Ok)16
Hau Ruck (Kmfdm)146
Haunted (Poe)176
Haunted (Six Feet Under)106
Haunted Heart (Sammy Kershaw)106
Haunted Mansion Soundtrack (Haunted Mansion Soundtrack)36
Haunting The Chapel (Slayer)45
Hav Plenty Soundtrack (Des´ree & Babyface)15
Havana Daydreamin' (Jimmy Buffett)106
Have A Ball (Me First And The Gimme Gimmes)126
Have A Nice Day (Bon Jovi)136
Have A Nice Day (Roxette)145
Have Cool, Will Travel (Megadeth)36
Have I Got A Deal For You (Reba Mcentire)106
Have You Fed The Fish? (Badly Drawn Boy)115
Have You Never Been Mellow (Olivia Newton-John)126
Have Your Seen Me Lately (Carly Simon)115
Haven (Dark Tranquillity)125
Haven (Dark Tranquility)36
Hawk Nelson Is My Friend (Hawk Nelson)125
Hawks (The Bee Gees)95

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