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List albums for letter F

Fountains of Wayne (Fountains of Wayne)124
Four (Blues Traveler)125
Four Chords & Several Years Ago (Huey Lewis and The News)85
Four Minute Mile (Get Up Kids)114
Four Minute Mile (The Get Up Kids)114
Four Of A Kind (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles)114
Four On The Floor (Nylons)135
Four on the Floor (Dag Nasty)94
Four Seasons of Love (Donna Summer)44
Four Songs (Live)35
Four Songs (Alexi Murdoch)15
Four Wall Blackmail (Dead Poetic)24
Four Ways To Scream Your Name (Funeral For A Friend)24
Four Weddings A Funeral (Four Weddings A Funeral soundtrack)85
Four Wheel Cowboy (C.W. McCall)75
Four-Calendar Cafe (Cocteau Twins)105
Fourth Dimension (Stratovarius)113
Fox Confessor Brings The Flood (Neko Case)124
Foxbase Alpha (Saint Etienne)144
Foxtrot (Genesis)64
Fozzy (FOZZY)104
Frágil (Ana Torroja)115
Fragile (Yes)95
Fragments And Fractions (Satanic Surfers)124
Fragments Of A Rainy Season (John Cale)15
Fragments Of Freedom (Morcheeba)104
Frail Words Collapse (As I Lay Dying)125
Frampton (Peter Frampton)24
Frampton´s Camel (Peter Frampton)15
Fran Marder (Arckanum)94

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