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List albums for letter F

Foreign Affairs (Tom Waits)94
Foreign Objects (Cky)45
Foreign Objects: The Undiscovered Numbers & Colors (Cky)15
Foreigner (Foreigner)104
Foreigner (Cat Stevens)44
Forest of Equilibrium (Cathedral)44
Forever (Puff Daddy ft. R. Kelly)14
Forever (Spice Girls)124
Forever (P. Diddy)145
Forever (Puff Daddy)334
Forever (Olemus)25
Forever (Rainbirds)114
Forever ( single ) (Dee Dee)24
Forever Alone Immortal (Lux Occulta)65
Forever And Counting (Hot Water Music)95
Forever Autumn (Lake Of Tears)94
Forever Blue (Chris Isaak)134
Forever Blue (Blue System)115
Forever Changes (Love)115
Forever Delayed (Manic Street Preachers)65
Forever Diana Musical Memoirs (Diana Ross)175
Forever Everlasting (Everlast)25
Forever Failure (Paradise Lost)45
Forever For Now (April Wine)104
Forever Gone (Desultary)65
Forever My Lady (Jodeci)74
Forever Now [Resurgent] (Level 42)144
Forever Plaid Soundtrack (Forever Plaid Soundtrack)14
Forever Scarlet Passion (Celestial Season)94
Forever Young (Alphaville)104

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