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List albums for letter C

Collective Soul (Collective Soul)122
College Dropout (Kanye West)185
College Dropout (Kayne West)125
Collide (Skillet)115
Collision Course (Linkin Park)65
Colmena (El otro yo)145
Colony (In Flames)114
Color By Number (Culture Club)104
Color Me Barbra (Barbra Streisand)105
Colossal Youth (Young Marble Giants)154
Colour Moving And Still (Chantal Kreviazuk)105
Colour Of Your Dreams (Carole King)14
Colour The Small One (Sia)145
Colours (Michael Learns To Rock)95
Columbia (Big Star)45
Columbine (Aura Dione)124
Com A Corda Toda (Garotos Podres)15
Com Muito Louvor (Cassiane)14
Com Pé Nas Nuvens (Bicho De Pé)53
Com Você... Meu Mundo Ficaria Completo (Cássia Eller)125
Coma Of Souls (Kreator)104
Comalies (Lacuna Coil)144
Comatose (Skillet)114
Combat Rock (The Clash)125
Combinaison Spaciale (Pizzicato Five)65
Combinations (Eisley)114
Come 2 My House (Chaka Khan)135
Come Again (Thornley)115
Come Along (Titiyo)114
Come An' Get It (Whitesnake)104

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