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List albums for letter C

Crossroads (Sylver)14
Crossroads Movie Songs (Crossroads Movie Songs soundtrack)44
Crouçie D'où Là (Emiliana Torrini)93
Crowbar (Crowbar)102
Crowded House (Crowded House)111
Crown Royal (Run Dmc)113
Crowned In Terror (The Crown)113
Crowning of Atlantis (Therion)205
Crucidiction (Tristitia)94
Crucified Babies (Dethcentrik)14
Crucify (Tori Amos)35
Cruel Intentions (Cruel Intentions soundtrack)93
Cruel Intentions Soundtrack ( Segundas Intenções ) (Craig Armstrong and Elizabeth Fraser)11
Cruel Inventions (Sam Phillips)101
Cruel Melody (Black Light Burns)124
Cruel Summer (Ace Of Base)115
Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World (Johnny Clegg & Savuka)55
Cruelty And The Beast (Cradle Of Filth)63
Cruising with Ruben and the Jets (Frank Zappa)133
Crusader (Chris De Burgh)104
Crusader (Saxon)83
Crush (Bon Jovi)164
Crush (OMD)104
Crush The Cenotaph (Asphyx)24
Crvena Jabuka (Crvena Jabuka)105
Cry (Faith Hill)184
Cry For The Agony (Defense My Victims)14
Cry Like a Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind (Linda Ronstadt)115
Crying (Roy Orbison)146
Cryptic (Edge Of Sanity)84

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