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List albums for letter B

Back To Front (Gilbert O'Sullivan)154
Back to Me (Kathleen Edwards)113
Back To Mine (Faithless)44
Back To New Wave Vol. 2 ( vários ) (Rádio Táxi)15
Back To New Wave Vol. 3 ( vários ) (Inimigos Do Rei)14
Back To New Wave Vol. 3 ( vários ) (Rádio Táxi)15
Back To Tennessee (Billy Ray Cyrus)94
Back To The Bars (Todd Rundgren)235
Back To The Egg (Paul McCartney)12
Back to the Future [MCA] (Huey Lewis and The News)14
Back To The Heavyweight Jam (Scooter)124
Back To the Innocence (Seven And The Sun)74
Back To The Kingdom (Axxis)124
Back To The Known (Bad Religion)55
Back To The Light (Brian May)123
Back To The World (Tevin Campbell)44
Back To Titanic Soundtrack (Back To Titanic Soundtrack)44
Back To You (Anita Cochran)103
Back with a Heart (Olivia Newton-John)115
Backintown (Dax Riders)14
Backlash (Bad English)105
Backless (Cream & Eric Clapton)75
Backspacer (Pearl Jam)114
Backstage Pass (Little River Band)43
Backstreet Boys (Backstreet Boys)202
Backstreet Dreams (Blue System)115
Backstreet's Back (Backstreet Boys)154
Backwaxed (Anvil)55
Bad (Michael Jackson)115
Bad as I Wanna B (MC Lyte)64

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