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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Soundtrack
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List albums for letter B

Biographie De Luka Philipsen (Keren Ann)135
Biohazard (Biohazard)105
Bipolar (Onision)15
Bird Noises (Midnight Oil)44
Birdbrain (Tom Buffalo)95
Birdman (Baby Aka The #1 Stunna)105
Birdman (Baby)55
Birds (Bic Runga)114
Birds Flying Away (MASON JENNINGS)115
Birds of Passage (Bel Canto)94
Birth Of A Prince (RZA)165
Birthing The Giant (Cancer Bats)115
Birthrate Zero (Infernal Torment)85
Bis Jetzt Ging Alles Gut (But Alive)175
Biscuits (Living Colour)65
Bislang (Agathodaimon)55
Bitch (Italo Reno)15
Bitter (Me'Shell Ndegeocello)105
Bitter And Twisted (Area 7)15
Bitter Suites To Succubi (Cradle Of Filth)94
Bitter Tears (Olemus)85
Bitter Tongues (Ann Beretta)135
Bitter Youth (Naked Aggression)125
Bitterblue (Bonnie Tyler)125
Bitterness (Desultary)96
Bitterness The Star (36 Crazyfists)135
Bittersüßes Gift (Illuminate)15
Bittersweet (Blu Cantrell)125
Bittersweet: The Love Songs Collection (Cher)165
Bizaar (ICP (Insane Clown Posse))114

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