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Best of Blur (Blur)17
Best Of Bread (Bread)12
Best of Broadway - American Musical Soundtrack (Best of Broadway - American Musical Soundtrack)15
Best Of Capitol Years (Frank Sinatra)20
Best Of Carly Simon (Carly Simon)10
Best Of Charley Pride (Pride, Charley)1
Best Of Chris Ledoux (Chris Ledoux)3
Best Of Culture Club (Culture Club)10
Best Of Dark Horse 1976-1989 (George Harrison)13
Best of David Lee Roth (David Lee Roth)3
Best Of Dinah Shore (Dinah Shore)4
Best Of Duke Ellington (Duke Ellington)1
Best Of Dusty Springfield (Dusty Springfield)12
Best Of En Vogue (En Vogue)12
Best Of Eric Carmen (Eric Cartman)1
Best Of Flying Burrito Brothes (Flying Burrito Brothers)4
Best Of Friends (Vanessa Mokosch)1
Best Of Groove Coverage - 2005 (Groove Coverage)1
Best Of Howard Jones (Howard Jones)18
Best Of John Denver Live (John Denver)17
Best Of Lari White (Lari White)11
Best Of Laura Branigan (Branigan Laura)3
Best Of Laura Fygi (Laura Fygi)1
Best Of Niggi (Niggi)1
Best Of Nylons (Nylons)16
Best Of Plumb (Plumb)12
Best Of Reba Mcentire (Reba Mcentire)10
Best Of Red Hot Chili Peppers (Red Hot Chili Peppers)4
Best Of Rockers 'N Ballads (Scorpions)9
Best Of Rod Stewart (Rod Stewart)17

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