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List albums for letter B

Babes In Arms (Lorenz Hart)83
Babes in Arms Soundtrack (Babes in Arms Soundtrack)104
Babes In The Wood (Mary Black)121
Babes on Broadway Soundtrack (Babes on Broadway Soundtrack)111
Baby (Yello)73
Baby Blue (anahi)51
Baby Boy (Baby Boy soundtrack)44
Baby Consuelo Ao Vivo Em Montreaux (Baby Do Brasil ( Baby Consuelo ))13
Baby Food (Abdoujaparov)41
Baby I'm A Want You (Bread)121
Baby It's Me (Diana Ross)101
Baby Makin' Project (Jagged Edge)101
Baby Silvertooth (Belly)84
Baby Snakes (Frank Zappa)61
Baby, Blau! (Wohlstandskinder)171
Babylon (SKINDRED)123
Babylon And On (Squeeze)131
Babylon By Bus (Bob Marley)131
Babylon Rockets (Gemini Five)21
Baccara (Baccara)11
Bacdafucup (Onyx)111
Bachata 2003 (Aventura)11
BACHATAMAN√ćA (Aventura)21
Bachelor No. 2 (Aimee Mann)134
Back 2 Base X ((hed) P.E.)134
Back 2 The Game (Do Or Die)41
Back again (Jan Wayne)51
Back Again (Disciple)131
Back At One (Brian McKnight)163

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