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List albums for letter A

Abacab (Genesis)105
Abalou... (Asa De Águia)25
Abandoned Luncheonette (Hall & Oates)95
Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline (Gomez)165
Abba (ABBA)115
ABBA Gold (ABBA)105
Abbey Road (The Beatles)166
Abbey Road (Beatles)175
Abbey Road EP (Red Hot Chili Peppers)16
ABC (The Jackson 5)106
Abducted (Hypocrisy)105
Abdullah (Abdullah)115
Abe Messiah (Andrea Sanders)15
Abe Messiah (The Tribe)25
Abenteuerland (Pur)135
Aber Bitte Mit Sahne (Sodom)25
Abertura Do Globo De Ouro 2003 (Bailiff, Billy, Roxie And Company)15
Abigail (King Diamond)95
Abigail (Diamond King)85
Abigail 2- The Revenge (Diamond King)136
Ability (H-luv)26
Abnormalities (The Spill Canvas)45
Abnormally Attracted To Sin (Tori Amos)175
Abomination (Abomination)115
Abonos (Abonos)105
Abort The Soul (Initial State)116
About A Boy - Soundtrack (Badly Drawn Boy)95
About A Boy Soundtrack (About A Boy Soundtrack)96
About A Boy [Soundtrack] (Badly Drawn Boy)35
About A Burning Fire (Blindside)125

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