List albums for letter A

A puro Fuego (Olga Tañon)25
A Question Of Balance (Moody Blues)105
A Quick One / Happy Jack (The Who)185
A Ressurreição (Consciência X Atual)15
A Revolta dos Dândis (Engenheiros Do Hawaii)86
A Rose for the Dead (Theatre of Tragedy)65
A Round And A Bout (Squeeze)126
A Rush Of Blood To The Head (Coldplay)156
A Salty Dog (Procol Harum)105
A Saucerful Of Secrets (Pink Floyd)135
A Search For A Reason (Kilgore)125
A Secret Life (Marianne Faithfull)105
A Sense of Coalition (Codeseven)15
A Sense of Wonder (Van Morrison)85
A Shocking New Development (The Flailing Inhalers)155
A Shot of Whiskey and a Prayer (Danni Leigh)115
A Show Of Hands (Rush)85
A Silver Lining (We Shot The Moon)96
A Single Man (Elton John)145
A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven (Caliban)105
A Snow Capped Romance (36 Crazyfists)115
A Social Grace (Psychotic Waltz)125
À Sombra Dos Laranjais ( trilha sonora ) (Marília Barbosa)15
A Song For All Seasons (The Renaissance)86
A Song For You (Carpenters)66
A Song Is A City (Eskimo Joe)125
A Song Will Rise (Peter, Paul & Mary)125
A Spanner In The Works (Rod Stewart)115
A Sphere In The Heart Of Silence (John Frusciante)65
A State of Trance (Armin van Buuren)16

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