List albums for letter A

As Night Conquers Day (Autumn Leaves)73
Ás O Pás (Afshin)32
As Palavras Que Não Dizem Nada (Oxidus)22
As quatro estações (Legião Urbana)112
As Segundas Intenções Do Manual Prático (Ed Motta)13
As The Band Turns (Atlantic Starr)23
As The Rush Comes ( single ) (Motorcycle)12
As The Shadows Fall (Godsend)91
As The Silence Fades (Eterne)21
As Though It Were A Movie (Peter Sarstedt)12
As Thousands Cheer Soundtrack (As Thousands Cheer Soundtrack)81
As Time Goes By (Bryan Ferry)153
As Time Goes By... The Great American Songbook: Volume II (Rod Stewart)142
As Ugly As They Wanna Be (Ugly Kid Joe)62
Asa De Águia (2001) (Asa De Águia)142
Asas (Maskavo)132
Ascension Of Terror (Aeternus)93
Asere (Sergio contreras)41
Asereje (single) (Las Ketchup)12
Asgard (Adorned Brood)112
Asgardsrei (Absurd)52
Ashanti (Ashanti)202
Ashanti's Christmas (Ashanti)102
Ashes Against The Grain (Agalloch)52
Ashes Are Burning (The Renaissance)63
Ashore The Celestial Burden (Dark Millennium)62
Asi es el rock and roll (La 25)72
Asi Es La Vida (Rocio Sandoval "La Peligrosa")102
Asi es!! (Nadia)12
Así Lo Siento (ArIaNnA PuelLo)12

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