The Gun Club lyrics

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Keys To The Kingdom
Richard Speck
Sorrow Knows
Fire Of Love
Black Train
Cool Drink Of Water
Fire Spirit
For The Love Of Ivy
Ghost On The Highway
Goodbye Johnny
Jack On Fire
Preaching The Blues
Promise Me
Sex Beat
She's Like Heroin To Me
Lucky Jim
A House Is Not A Home
Day Turn To Night
Idiot Waltz
Kamata Hollywood City
Lucky Jim
Up Above The World
A Devil In The Woods
Bad Indian
Brother And Sister
Carry Home
John Hardy
Like Calling Up Thunder
Mother Of Earth
Run Through The Jungle
Sleeping In Blood City
Texas Serenade
The Fire Of Love
Watermelon Man
Mother Juno
Bill Bailey
Lupita Screams
My Cousin Kim
Port Of Souls
The Breaking Hands
Yellow Eyes
Pastoral Hide And Seek
Another Country's Young
Emily's Changed
Eskimo Blue Day
I Hear Your Heart Singing
St. John's Divine
Temptation + I
The Great Divide
The Straits Of Love
Ramblin Jeffrey Lee Cypress Grove With Willie L
Alabama Blues
Future Blues
Go Tell The Mountain
Hardtime Killin Floor Blues
Moanin In The Moonlight
Pony Blues
Stranger In My Heart
Ramblin Jeffrey Lee + Cypress Grove With Willie L
Goin Down
The Las Vegas Story
Bad America
Eternally Is Here
Give Up The Sun
Moonlight Motel
My Dreams
My Man's Gone Now
The Stranger In Our Town
Walkin With The Beast
Cleopatra Dreams On
From Temptation To You
Hey Juana
Love Circus
Sex Killer
The Midnight Promise
Other songs
A Tribute To Miles Davis
Pastoral Hide And Seek (the Lost Song)
Railroad Bill
Riding On The Black Train
Secret Fires
The House On Highland Ave.
The Lie
The Light Of The World
Under The Gun [for Jeffrey Lee Pierce] Performed B
Walking With The Beast
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